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Who we are

The growth rates of the company are very fast and it has managed to impose its physiognomy, currently holding one of the leading positions among the companies that specialize in this field, which is easily confirmed by both its sales, human resources and by its associates.
How we differ: Immediate and responsible service, quality, quality and reliability of products and services and unique services to our customers, are some of the characteristics of RAKSON S.A. that make it stand out.
We have the most complete range of quality materials, with over 1,500 codes in stock.
We cooperate or are exclusive representatives with the factories:
Video or audio intercom: Golmar, Bitron video
Closed circuit television: Icatch, Hawkeye, Golmar, Seagate
Video analytics: Video kernel
Monitoring of highways, parking lots: Video Kernel
Temperature Detection Products: Hawkeye
Alarm systems: AVSelectronics, Elkron, Gsn, Alean, Asc clobal, Reporter
Vibration, pressure, fiber optic systems: Eter
Cables, Batteries, Sealing Silicone: Elan, Golmar
Fire detection: Elkron, Riellofire, Golmar, Fdp
Access control: Fdi, Ekey
Evacuation Systems (EVAC): Paso
Automation and management of hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools: Glt
Intercom & access control systems in high security areas: Castel
Door-roller automation: Aprimatic
Handheld metal detectors and gates: ETER
Turnstiles, X-ray systems: ETER
Storage and parcel delivery systems: ETER
Flashlights - Work lamps: NightSearcher
We are trusted by over 1,300 companies in Greece and Cyprus, so you do not have to worry about the quality of your products and service.
We are one of the largest importers of security systems.
We provide unique benefits such as: 15 hours of technical support every day, Insurance coverage of products against all risks, free video door installation study, extension of insurance of video door
We offer our customers a wide variety of quality products that cover from the simplest installation to the most demanding and complex, thus ensuring the ideal solution for the guaranteed security of your space. 
We are by your side every day, willing to serve you our experienced and specialized human resources with suggestions for the right choice of materials and its impeccable technical support.

We listen to your concerns, for this very reason, we are at your disposal to share knowledge, ideas and practices for the impeccable service of you.